Roof leaks are a big problem in storm prone areas. To protect your home, it’s vital to be alert to the risks. Every season brings its own hazards that could cause roof leaks.

If you’re struggling with these issues, you might need roof repair:

1. Ice Dams

Ice dams are among the biggest culprits when it comes to roof leaks. These blockades of ice form on the eaves of traditional shingle roofs as snow melts or refreezes. They cause snow and ice to gather in one place, creating a structural weak point that can collapse. It’s critical to keep gutters in working condition to eliminate one common area where ice dams form.

2. Rain Storms

Rain and wind often flock together, but it’s useful to recognize that they both present their own risks. Torrential rain can lead to leaks all on its own. Again, these leaks will typically spring up due to problems with the gutters in a shingle roof. Clean gutters out before rain storms roll in so water will continue to drain correctly and not cause the gutters to break.

3. Wind Storms

Wind storms can sometimes start leaks even if there is no rain present. There are two situations that make this likely. First, weak shingles on conventional roofs can be blown away, especially if they have already begun to warp or buckle. Second, wind storms can loft debris into the air that might crash into your roof. Remove any loose items from the patio or lawn before a storm!

4. Amateur Roof Repair

Amateur roof repair is a major contributor to roof problems. No matter what kind of roof you have, it’s important to know how to treat it. Many so-called roofers get up on the roof wearing the wrong boots or carrying the wrong equipment. An incautious amateur can actually puncture your roof just by walking around the wrong way.

5. Old Age

Roof repair can become necessary through sheer old age. Still, most modern roofs should last 30 to 50 years with proper care. If you have a shingle roof, get your roof inspected once a year or once every two years. A new metal roof can typically be inspected every three years. This gives you the chance to address problems while they are still simple. Don’t let your roof wear out!

When your roof is in need of care, it’s essential to choose a local roofer you can trust. The team at Restoration Builders offers decades of experience. We are fast, professional, and courteous. You can rely on us to get the job done right the first time.

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