Ahoy, homeowners! As we sail into summer, it’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare for those capricious summer storms. But fear not, for with a bit of wit, wisdom, and preparation, we can transform our homes into cozy, stormproof havens. Let’s embark on this adventure together, armed with the know-how from our experts here at Restoration Builders and the sturdy shield of GAF roofing materials! 


Before the Storm: Prep Like a Pro 


  1. Roof Reconnaissance – Your First Line of Defense:

Your roof is the unsung hero during storm season. Look for signs of distress like cracked or missing shingles, and ensure your gutters are clean and secure. Unsure about what to look for? Restoration Builders offers free pre-storm inspections – a no-brainer for peace of mind! 


  1. Window Wisdom – The Eyes of the Storm:

Check your windows for any signs of weakness. Proper sealing is crucial, and for those in storm-prone areas, storm shutters or high-impact glass are worthy investments. They’re like the protective goggles for your home! 


  1. Gutter Glamour – More Than Just Good Looks:

Gutters play a pivotal role in storm protection. Ensure they are debris-free and firmly attached. Remember, a clogged gutter is like a blocked water slide – no fun and potentially disastrous! 


  1. Power Play – A Battery Backup or Generator:

Consider investing in a backup battery system or a generator. When the power winks out, these handy devices keep the lights on and the fridge running, ensuring your ice cream stays frozen through the storm! 


  1. Insurance Insight – Your Safety Net:

Review your insurance policies and understand what’s covered. Knowing the ins and outs of your policy is like having a secret map in a treasure hunt – it could lead to gold in times of need! 


  1. Trimming Trees – The Art of Arboreal Grooming:

Give your trees a good trim. Overhanging branches can be hazardous in high winds, so keep them well-groomed. Think of it as a haircut for your garden’s green giants. 


  1. Garden Gala – Secure Your Outdoor Eden:

Secure your outdoor furniture and decorations. Storms can turn even the most benign garden gnome into a flying projectile! 


 During the Storm: Keeping Spirits High 


  1. Stormy Soiree – Making Memories Together:

When the storm howls outside, it’s the perfect time to turn your living room into a fun zone.  


Think of this as an impromptu family camp-in. Spread out cozy blankets and pillows on the floor for a family movie marathon — classics, comedies, or a series everyone’s been wanting to catch up on. Don’t forget the shadow puppet show against the wall with flashlights! 

Board games, card games, and puzzles aren’t just old school; they’re a fantastic way to bond and laugh together. For the more creatively inclined, how about a family art session? Everyone can draw their version of the storm or create a family collage. 

And let’s remember the timeless joy of storytelling. Share funny or heartwarming family stories. If you have young kids, let them lead an imaginative story-creating game. These moments create memories that last a lifetime, turning a stormy day into a treasure trove of family joy. 


  1. Storm-Proof Snacking – Comfort Food and Healthy Bites:


When it’s stormy outside, it’s essential to have a mix of comforting and healthy snacks. Since power outages are a possibility, focus on foods that don’t require refrigeration or cooking. 

  • Comfort Classics: Who can resist the charm of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or a good old-fashioned grilled cheese (if you still have power)? They’re easy to make and a definite crowd-pleaser. 
  • Healthy Nibbles: Stock up on fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges — they’re nutritious and have a longer shelf life. Nuts, trail mix, and granola bars are also great for a quick and healthy energy boost. 
  • Hydration Station: Keep plenty of water on hand. You can also make the hydration fun for kids by creating infused water with slices of fruits. 
  • Sweet Treats: Have some cookies or chocolate as a special treat. They’re perfect for lifting spirits and adding a bit of sweetness to the stormy weather. 
  • Crunch Time: Popcorn, pretzels, and crackers are great for munching. If you’ve got a gas stove, popping popcorn the old-fashioned way can be an entertaining activity as well. 


  1. 10. Battery-Powered Backup – The Modern-Day Lantern:

A power outage doesn’t mean you have to revert to pioneer days. Battery-powered or hand-crank fans, along with flashlights and lanterns, can keep the darkness and heat at bay. 


  1. Emergency Kit Essentials – Your Storm Survival Kit:

Assemble an emergency kit with essentials like water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, and first aid supplies. It’s like packing for an unexpected adventure – suitable in your own home! 


  1. Weather Watch – Keeping an Eye on the Sky:

Stay informed about the weather. A good weather app or alerts on your phone can be your crystal ball into what Mother Nature has in store. 


After the Storm: The Recovery and Revelry 


  1. Post-Storm Recon – The Aftermath Adventure:

Once the storm subsides, inspect your home for any damage. Pay special attention to your roof and windows. Remember, Restoration Builders are just a call away for post-storm inspections and repairs. 


  1. Pool Patrol – Post-Storm Pool Party Prep:

For those with pools, make sure to clean out any debris. It’s not just about keeping the pool party-ready; it’s about maintaining the proper chemical balance. 


  1. Tidy Up – The Post-Storm Spruce-Up:

Reorganize your outdoor space. Bring back the furniture and toys, and give your yard a good once-over. It’s like setting the stage for the next sunny day! 

In Conclusion… 

Embracing storm prep with a blend of lightheartedness and preparedness can turn a potentially stressful situation into an empowering one. With the support of Restoration Builders and the reliability of GAF roofing materials, you’re not just preparing for a storm; you’re ensuring your home remains a sanctuary of safety and comfort. So here’s to a storm-proof summer filled with peace, laughter, and the occasional rainbow after the rain! 🌈🏡🛠️