Scottsdale, Arizona – October 30, 2019 – Restoration Builders, Inc. (“Restoration Builders” or “The Company”) announced today that it has officially appointed Robert Strecker to a position on its strategic Board of Directors.

Some of Robert Strecker’s fondest memories growing up were assisting his dad at construction sites. After obtaining his law degree and passing the New York State Bar Exam, Robert spent several years in the investment industry before pursuing an opportunity in law enforcement. Upon completion of the police academy, he once again became involved in his father’s growing construction business. Since that time, the family business has built approximately 300 homes, condominiums and a marina.

The knowledge Robert has gleaned from his hands-on experience of building in the earlier years has enabled him to construct high quality products. Doing the actual hands on building of a house from the foundation up provides invaluable insight and problem-solving ability. In addition to home building, Robert also practices law with a focus on real estate matters.

“As a Sergeant with the Suffolk County Police Department, a practicing attorney and a seasoned home developer, Robert brings a unique perspective to our business,” said John Lorenz, Chairman and CEO of Restoration Builders, Inc. “He is well-versed in all phases of subdivision development including approval procurement, infrastructure installation and home construction. His experience and diverse background will make him a great asset to the Board.”

Restoration Builders Inc. was founded in 2017 as a direct response to the explosive growth of the $210B+ insurance restoration industry. The Company has identified an unprecedented opportunity to consolidate existing restoration and repair contractors located throughout the United States. To date, Restoration Builders has signed asset purchase agreements with 15 privately held businesses. Together, these consolidated companies are projected to generate more than $100 Million in revenue for 2019.

The Company’s Board of Directors, with its latest addition of Mr. Strecker, will continue to oversee and provide strategic guidance toward current and future endeavors.

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