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Sorensen Roofing is a residential & commercial contractor operating in Greeley, CO.

We are committed locally and ready to serve wide scale for Disaster Response.

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About Sorensen Roofing & Exteriors

The team at Sorensen Roofing and Exteriors believe they are more than a business, they are family and care about every one of their property owners. Sorensen Roofing & Exteriors specializes in all types of storm damage repair, including roofing, exterior painting, siding, and even window installations and replacements. All of their technicians are fully trained and certified to carry out the work needed. More importantly, their friendly, caring attitudes help customers recover from the stress that suffering a natural disaster will bring. To learn more, please visit:

Sorensen Roofing Location

Phone: (970) 286-0325

Address: 5990 W 10th Street



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