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After a storm, you need the best roofing help you can get. Experts in storm damage remediation can bring your roof back to peak condition and protect your home.

You wouldn’t choose a roofer you knew couldn’t do the job. Likewise, you wouldn’t pick one whose roof repair isn’t covered by your insurance.

Thousands of times each year, however, storm-stricken homeowners do just that.

Roofing scams are one of the most common and devastating forms of consumer fraud. They happen often in the wake of serious storms. When people need immediate help to make their home safe, that’s when it’s most important to be on guard.

Remember, only a licensed and insured roofing specialist is covered by insurance!

When it comes to craftsmanship you can rely on, choosing an experienced local roofer is an absolute must. There are several ways the right roofing contractor can help you maximize your insurance claim and even collect your money faster.

Here’s how your roofing contractor works with you to maximize your claim:

1. Detailed Documentation of Your Roof Repair

Documentation is a crucial part of getting your insurance claim honored the first time. Your roofer can provide a detailed damage report, including photos, for your review. Sometimes, submitting this packet is sufficient for insurers to grant a claim. That may save you more than a week, since insurers can waive their right to have an adjuster personally examine the damage.

2. Itemized Estimates for All Work Performed

Itemized estimates protect your bottom line when it’s time to pay for a roofing project. They also reduce risk for your insurer. Estimates that make it easy to “connect the dots” mean insurers can grant claims without worrying about unscrupulous characters taking advantage. Plus, it brings you peace of mind to know there’ll be no hidden costs to get your roof repaired.

3. Accurate Insurance Claim Paperwork

There are several different forms to be filled out to collect on your insurance. Many homeowners find themselves working on that initial claim paperwork alone – only to have their claim rejected due to some minor oversight. Many experienced roofers are familiar with insurer processes and will help you double-check your paperwork … or even fill it out for you while you wait.

4. Verifiable and Trustworthy Payments

One of the biggest signs of any scam is that perpetrators will ask you to pay them in cash. Of course, cash payments can’t be traced and there’s no way to get them back if the work never gets completed. No matter whether your insurer issues payment to you or directly to your roofing contractor, verified credit card or check payments make the process easier for everyone.

5. Savings on Materials and Other Costs

Minimizing the actual costs of your roof repair helps you make efficient use of your whole claim amount. That’s especially true when you have other repairs to do around the house. With years of experience, a roofing contractor develops strong relationships with vendors and uses bulk buying power to drive down materials costs. You save more money and have a more successful claim.

6. Finding Rebates and Other Incentives

In some cases, your roofing project can earn you tax credits or other incentives. These can help you rebuild after a storm and may even reduce the amount you need to claim from your insurer. A smaller claim is more likely to get approved without a hitch and you could avoid premium increases in the future.

7. Communicating With Your Insurer as Required

Every once in a while, an insurance firm may wish to follow up with your roofer to clarify the details of your job. If you’ve been taken in by phony roofers, they’ll be nowhere in sight. If needed, a roofing company should be ready and able to discuss the damage to your roof and the necessary repair.

8. Reducing the Need for Future Insurance Claims

Not all roofers know storm damage remediation. Roofers who aren’t used to extensive roof damage can make mistakes that lead to leaks or other problems down the line – usually within a few months. Unfortunately for the homeowner, it can be very difficult to get a second claim approved and to connect the need for the second claim to the original storm damage.

When you’re looking for a roofer for storm remediation, don’t settle for anything less than the best. The roofer you choose should have a proven record of success in your community, including reviews and testimonials you can trust.

Never hire anyone going door to door to work on your roof.

Our team helps you take the guesswork out of getting your insurance claim and completing your roof repair project. Contact us today to get started with roofing contractors who are on your side every step of the way.

To find out more or schedule a roof inspection, contact us today.

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