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Roof Hail Damage: An Actionable Guide That Anyone Can Follow

Hail damage storms might not be the worst natural disaster that you can imagine happening to your property, but they can cause a surprising amount of long-lasting damage so you should be prepared in the event of a hail storm or associated weather event. The Effects of Hail The High Costs of Hail Storms and Roofing Hail Damage What Happens When You Experience Roof Hail Damage The Factors That Cause…
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A Simple (But Effective) Checklist to Metal Roof Repair

If you own a building with a metal roof, then you may have had to deal with damage, leaks, and the associated repairs - and if you haven’t had to do that yet, you will probably have to make repairs at some point in the future. So, of course, it’s best to be prepared in advance and be well-informed by your insurance company before disaster strikes. What’s more, if you…
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