How to Deal With A Roofing Insurance Claim

How to deal with a roofing insurance claim is often one of the first questions homeowners have after a natural disaster hits. Hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and rainstorms are all common causes of roof damage. Insurance helps you minimize out of pocket costs when repairing your roof. If you’re wondering how to deal with a roofing insurance claim, here’s what to know: 1. Start by Having Your Roof Inspected In any…
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3 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Commercial Contractor

To restore your business after a natural disaster, you’ll need help from a qualified commercial contractor. Dealing with the consequences of a hurricane, tornado, or other disaster is stressful and time-consuming. If it’s your first time hiring a contractor for work on your enterprise, it can be even more difficult. Things become much easier when you follow some basic guidelines. When hiring a commercial contractor, always remember to take these…
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Top 5 Causes Of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a big problem in storm prone areas. To protect your home, it’s vital to be alert to the risks. Every season brings its own hazards that could cause roof leaks. If you’re struggling with these issues, you might need roof repair: 1. Ice Dams Ice dams are among the biggest culprits when it comes to roof leaks. These blockades of ice form on the eaves of traditional…
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