It doesn’t matter which holiday you choose to celebrate during this time, holiday decorating is always one of the best parts! To keep up the holiday cheer and avoid any holiday disasters, here are some safety tips to follow this holiday season:

    1. Use a safe ladder and make sure it’s on a flat surface
    2. Avoid putting anything near power lines, including ladders and decorations
    3. Clear gutters of debris
    4. Securely tie down any yard decorations in case of windstorms
    5. Check all lights before using to make sure they haven’t frayed, broke, or any other issues that can be a fire hazard
    6. Only use lights that are made for outdoor/exterior use
    7. When hanging lights, avoid hammering nails into the electrical cord and instead use clips to safely attach to the house
    8. Do not use more than three sets of lights per cord to avoid overloading the extension cord
    9. Secure lights with hooks and make sure they are tight against the house
    10. Always use safety equipment when on top of your roof
    11. Turn off all holiday lights and candles are blown out when going to sleep or leaving the house
    12. Make sure to remove any decorations nearby or hanging on the fireplace before making a fire
    13. Check your artificial tree to see if there is a fire-resistant label. Keep your real or artificial tree away from any fireplaces, radiators, or any other heat source.
    14. Keep any cords and decorations tucked away or in low-traffic areas to avoid tripping incidents. Avoid twisting, kinking, or crushing any cords.
    15. Keep candles out of the reach of pets, small children, or anything that may catch fire from the flames

Make sure to keep these suggestions in mind when decorating this holiday season!

Do you have any additional tips for holiday decorating as homeowners decorate their homes or businesses? Comment below!